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Our services include: Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Construction Surveys, Subdivision/Parceling/Consolidation Surveys, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Elevation Certificates, Hydrographic (Marine) Surveys, Monitoring/Position Survey, High-Definition Scanning, Mapping/Drafting, Consulting including expert witness, and GPA Easement. We take on any size projects from small to large, from private citizens to large firms and government agencies.

Which survey is right for you?


A survey to determine the boundary of a described property. It is the most common type of survey. It is requested by private owners, realtors, engineering companies, architects, construction firms, and even territorial and federal agencies.


A map that indicates features on a piece of property such as elevation, relief, buildings, structures, and utilities. It is most used by engineers, architects, and construction companies. It is the foundation for the design of civil structures such as roads, buildings, and houses.


A survey to lay out features in a construction site.


This survey is used for the dividing or combining of various pieces of land for the purposes of building structures or selling land in a different size. It is requested by private owners, realtors, engineering companies, architects, construction firms, and even territorial and federal agencies.

Geographic Information
Systems (GIS)

GIS is a survey to collect features that will be inputted to a geographic information system such as property lines, utilities, buildings, zones, and other map features.


Elevation Certificate is a form required by FEMA and insurers to determine if a property lies within a flood zone. This form usually determines whether a property requires flood insurance. It is requested by private individuals, banks, and realtors.


A topographic survey of a body of water. It is used for the design and expanding of harbors, periodic dredging, and other marine purposes. It is requested by engineering companies, construction firms, and territorial and federal agencies.


Monitoring is used to detect minute changes in a structure due to settling, earthquakes, or slope management.


High-Defnition Scanning is 3D scanning in fine detail. It collects a huge amount of measurements into a detailed, accurate 3D computer model.


Mapping/Drafting is the use of mapping software and CAD to create maps or diagrams. This is usually requested by private owners, engineering firms, territorial and federal agencies.


Professional consulting services are available for overall consulting in land surveying matters regarding land use and land planning. In addition, we offer expert witness or fact witness services for court testimony, depositions, and other legal matters.

GPA Easement

GPA Easement is a survey exhibit indicating the location of a power easement on a property.